Here is a quick video slideshow on how we make our greenhouse gasifier wood stove

Here we have a picture of the ice on the greenhouse roof looking up on that cold Winter day. The GH cover does a great job and is very tough but we still plan on solid plastic sheets as soon as the budget allows.

Here we have a picture of the garden area during the middle of Winter. The greenhouse is a warm and cozy place as soon as the Sun pops out. Otherwise the wood stove keeps things toasty.

This picture shows the incredible growth of our Winter brussel sprouts. We have learned to grow Winter crops like the cabbage family or even lettuce. Anything that can handle cold temps in case of a heater failure. During the minus 20F temps we had one Winter the heater failed due to wet firewood but even though everything but the system water froze solid we lost nothing.

This picture shows the baby Kale plants that we started right in the media. Our 10" and 12" bell siphons can quickly and easily be adjusted in terms of water levels just for starting seeds or small seedlings so that the water will reach higher and feed the small roots.

This picture shows the layout of our garden area including the organic dirt garden in front and the greenhouse and garden / woodshed to the North. This was taken in May of 2015 and the 40% Sun shade cover is already in place on the GH.

This picture shows how our line of bell siphons has grown over the years as customers ask for more sizes. We are set up to make custom sizes and get them out the door to you within 24 hours of receiving payment.

This picture shows the incredible growth that we had our very first season with our new system. I had just installed our new wood stove as we entered our first Winter. The stove has a ss heat loop that helps keep the system water warm as well as the air. We hit 20F below zero twice that first Winter.

This picture shows the incredable growth that you can expect with aquaponics. Here you can see the deep water culture raft bed in the foreground and the IBC media beds in the back.

We tried various species of fish but Trout have been the easiest to raise for us here in the mountains. This is some of the best Trout fishing in the world here so it stands to reason that they would do well at these temperatures.

Just click on a picture for a closer look.

Our layout allows for easy access to everything without ever having to step over pipes and such. The North side fish room helps to keep the fish tanks cooler in the Summer. We found that we have so much room in our 24x22ft greenhouse that we don't need every square foot for growing. As you can see we have room devoted to a hot tub for those cold Sunny days in Winter and our high rate composter to help heat it as well as wood heat. The center bed was built so we can use it as a media bed, a DWC (deep water culture with rafts) or as a wicking bed. That is what we are going with next because we just like the wicking bed concept and it is fun to experiment.

We have designed our system for maximum gravity flow using one 1200 gallon per hour pump. By burying the 275g sump and elevating the full size IBC fish tanks we end up with the grow beds at an optimal working height saving our backs.