Tini 1/2"

Mini 3/4"

Our Modular Design Greenhouse

Our Aquaponics greenhouse is our own design that can be built in 8' increments allowing for expansion over the years. We started building it in 2012 and it features a walled off Northern fish tank room. This allows for keeping a cooler climate for the fish while the grow hot house side heats up. This is especially important when raising a cooler climate like Trout as we do.

We Use Recycled Materials

From IBC shipping containers to bubblewrap furniture protectors there are so many ways to save on construction materials. Even our greenhouse covering is left over from a huge commercial greenhouse unit that is considered scrap by large growers.

Our 8" Mini is for a tote or home made size system with 8" media depth.

Our Tini series of siphons is perfect for small grow beds like a kitchen herb garden. They come standard in 4" and 6" media depths.

Our Barrelponics size is perfect for the very popular Barrelponics grow beds made from 1/2 a 55gal. drum

Our IBC line of bell siphons are intended for IBC size grow beds. We can make them to any depth but we stock them in 12" media and 10" media sizes.

A One Hour Video Spanning The First Three Years Of Our Build

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